Level 3 Force Security and Automation Control Systems offers convenience,
comfort and simplicity by combining security, energy management,
and home and office control solutions.



Level 3 Force gives you peace of mind with comprehensive detection and reporting capabilities to protect your
family and your home.

It is the perfect system for a new or existing home with support for wireless sensors.
Security and Automation Made Simple
Experience lifestyle enhancing comfort and convenience with intelligent control solutions and simple, user
friendly interfaces. With a flexible and integration friendly approach, Level 3 Force can help manage and control lights,
thermostats, sprinklers, water valves, garage doors, gates, spas, and other electrical devices.


Security & Safety
Intrusion • Fire • Carbon Monoxide • Medical Emergencies
Water Leaks • High/Low Temperatures
Level 3 Force goes beyond basic security with enhanced features
for added safety and convenience.
• Receive event notifications on or off site with voice alerts,
keypad alerts, phone calls, emails and text messages
• Reduce costly and embarrassing false alarms with two-way
alarm verification
• Easily turn on outside lights with a keyfob to create a safely
lit pathway from your car to your home
• Enhance security with integrated door locks
• Receive notification when children arrive home from school

Control at Your Fingertips
Smartphones • Tablets • PCs • Touchscreens • Keypads
Level 3 Force provides timely access to information and easy-touse
interfaces to keep you informed and in control.
• Control your system from anywhere with a variety of
software and apps. No monthly fees required!
• Get the right keypads to meet your needs and match
your decor with options ranging from user friendly touch
screens to discrete arming stations
• Receive text or email notifications of important system
events right to your phone.

Energy Savings
Lighting • Climate Control • Water Conservation
Level 3 Force energy management solutions help you reduce
energy costs without sacrificing comfort.
• Automatically turn lights off in unoccupied rooms
• Use lighting scenes and dimmed settings to reduce energy
• Automatically control thermostats based on time of day,
occupancy, and/or ambient conditions
• Turn off electric water heater while away
• Conserve water with scheduled control of sprinklers

Lighting Solutions
Safety • Convenience • Ambiance
With Level 3 Force, lighting control goes beyond energy savings to
improve safety and enhance the enjoyment of your home.
• Built-in astronomical clock provides intelligent lighting
control based on sunrise/sunset
• When an alarm is activated, lights turn on or flash
• Lights turn on after dark when motion is detected
• Start your day by awakening to soft lighting that
progressively brightens your room
• Use a simple key press at bedtime to turn off all the lights
in the house